Munash Organics Foliage Spray

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Munash Organics Foliage Spray

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A natural mineral spray made, especially for Indoor Plants. This gentle blend of minerals derived from the sea will give your leaves a nourishing boost, keeping them healthy, green, and happy. It is a liquid formula containing 40 essential micro minerals.

Liquid sea minerals are ionic minerals or ready-to-go minerals which the leaves absorb naturally. Research proves that the plants and soil with a higher content of minerals are less stressed, healthier and minerals assist with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal problems.

100% Natural Organic product.


Sea minerals, fulvate, iron, bio-active salt.

Elements: Nitrogen(N) 0.52%, Phosphorous(P) 0.069%, Potassium(K) 0.23%, Sulphur(S) 0.384%, Calcium(Ca) 0.037%, Magnesium(Mg) 0.16%, Sodium(Na) 1.15%


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