Refund policy

Refunds & Returns

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order, it is not delivered as specified on the delivery form, or if any unexpected issues arise which are the fault of the little market plants, we will re-deliver your purchased products again for free, in most case the recipient can keep the plants received, if the order has been dispatched or delivered there will be no refund.

If incorrect information is submitted on an order form: name, address etc the little market plant will not be held responsible in any case but will work with the sender to achieve the best possible outcome.

After any order has been placed if for any reason the customer wish to cancel the order, the customer may not get the refund, but a voucher of the full purchased price can be offered, because in most case these admin related process cost, drivers, routing cost when orders are canceled we need to cancel the delivery list, routing, drivers which may incurred extra fees on us.

Any claim on product issue needs to be within 24h from the product has been delivered, any time after the claim will not be handled. 

We will not be responsible customer selected the wrong delivery date or wrong delivery cut off time, including selecting business / hospital staff address after the cut off time.  


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