Acacia cognata waterfall
Acacia cognata waterfall
Acacia cognata waterfall

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Acacia cognata waterfall

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Acacia cognata, commonly known as bower wattle, river wattle, or narrow-leaved bower wattle, is a tree or shrub species that is endemic to south-eastern Australia.


Acacia cognata ‘Waterfall’ is low care, low-maintenance plant once established. When planted as a weeping standard, provide sturdy permanent support to prevent possible damage during windy periods.

Once planted this is a low-maintenance plant. It will require some additional water through the first summer. It will also benefit from a light mulch to help retain a cool moist root run.

In containers, a little native plant fertilizer each spring will be beneficial.

Fertilize with a low phosphate native plant fertilizer in spring. 

Little to no pruning should be required other than the removal of any dead or damaged wood.

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