Boronia Magenta Stars
Boronia Magenta Stars

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Boronia Magenta Stars

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Boronia Magenta star is a beautiful small shrub that features aromatic foliage and masses of beautiful magenta bell-shaped flowers in Spring. Boronia Magenta Stars makes a stunning specimen shrub but also looks amazing when planted en masse.

DESCRIPTION: Dainty native flowering shrub with evergreen leaves, lightly scented deep pink-magenta round cup-shaped flowers in winter-spring.
USES:  Native and cottage gardens.
PLANTING: Plant in a sheltered spot in a dappled shade. Free-draining slightly acid soil with plenty of organic matter will give the best results. Mulch tube stock with gravel after planting to regulate soil temperatures and keep roots cool and moist as the young plant establishes. Tolerates a light frost.
CARE:  Water regularly - don't let plants dry out or become waterlogged. A prune once flowering has finished will help give the plant shape and encourage new growth - make it easier by cutting flowering stems to enjoy indoors. 

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