Camellia tree
Camellia tree
Camellia tree
Camellia tree

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Camellia tree

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Camellia bushes are certainly one of the most spectacular plants we grow. They have large, beautiful flowers in a wide range of colors, from pure white, through all possible shades of pink and red, and even some yellows and purples. Blossoms draw the attention of everyone who sees them. The flowers appear from fall, through the winter, and into spring, depending on the type, which means that a collection of camellias can be in flower for almost half the year.

  • Long flowering season, nice glossy foliage and are fairly disease resistant.
  • Once established camellias are fairly drought tolerant.
  • Easily clipped to form a flowering hedge.
  • Camellias grow well in pots.
  • They can be trained, pruned, or even espaliered so they can fit in almost anywhere.
  • Sasanqua Camellias are tolerant of shady positions but do best in part shade to full sun depending on climate, and with brilliant flowers can liven up darker parts of the garden.
  • Flowers come in many colors, from white through to dark reds, including pink mauve, yellow, and even multicolored.

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