Strawberry Charlotte box
Strawberry Charlotte box
Strawberry Charlotte box
Strawberry Charlotte box

Strawberry Charlotte box

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Height: 10–20cm. A low-growing groundcover, some strawberries spread by runners (producing another plant off a long shoot), so always plant at least 30–35cm apart.
Foliage: evergreen, but dormant in winter.
Climate: all climatic zones, even though they dislike frost. Easily protected from frost by covering with a thin layer of straw when frosts are expected.
Soil: well-drained soil enriched with compost and manure. Avoid planting in a soil previously planted with tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes or other berries, as these could harbour viruses that will impact strawberry growth.
Position: full sun.
Flowering and fruiting: small white flowers are followed by fruit from late spring, through summer and into autumn (depending on variety). Expect around 500g of strawberries per plant.
Feeding: feed with a flowering and fruiting fertiliser in autumn and spring. In areas of high humidity or throughout summer, apply a seaweed-based liquid solution every 2–3 weeks to improve resistance to fungal attack. 
Watering: regular watering is essential, especially during root development (at planting and in early spring). Drip irrigation is ideal, but if watering by hand, try to avoid wetting the foliage.

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